Proven leader & Dedicated Servant

Community Involvement


A law enforcement officer for 28 years – 22 years as a Sangamon County Sheriff’s Deputy – Wes Barr knows the ins and outs of Sangamon County and can hit the ground running as Sheriff.

Military Experience.

Wes proudly served our country in the U.S. Marines for six (3 years active duty and 3 years inactive reserve) years before starting his law enforcement career.

Community Involvement


Wes rose through the ranks and was promoted to Lieutenant before retiring from the Sangamon County Sheriff’s Department in May 2013. From supervising deputies to managing the Crime Prevention program, Wes forged lasting relationships with citizen groups and local businesses.

Community Involvement

Community Involvement.

Dedicated to the community that gave him so much, Wes regularly volunteers and holds leadership positions in numerous organizations, including Toys For Tots, Habitat For Humanity and the American Red Cross. Wes understands and values the role of the community in effective, efficient law enforcement.


A Message from Wes

As a little boy living in the John Hay Homes and Brandon Addition in Springfield, I always knew my community cared for me. So many people watched out for me making sure I stayed on the right track and made something of myself, especially my Grandmother and Great-Grandmother. Every time a police car went by, they said, “That’s going to be you, Wes. You’re going to be a police officer.”

And when I grew up, I realized my Grandmother and Great-Grandmother were right. Law enforcement was the right career for me because it allowed me to serve the community that served me so well. It has been my privilege to serve the citizens of Sangamon County for 28 years and now that I am retired, I want to do more for you. 

By electing me Sangamon County Sheriff, I promise to put all of my skills, experience and love for this community to work for you. I will elevate the Sangamon County Sheriff’s Office to a new level – a level that you deserve and expect.

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